• A full refund is available if a client cancels by 12:00pm the day before the service begins.
  • If canceled later than 12:00pm the day before the service begins, a 50% refund is available.


When your reservation falls anywhere  during peak holiday time, Backyards to Barns charges an additional holiday surcharge. Backyards to Barns observes the following 2018 holidays:

  • Memorial Day: May 24 - May 30
  • 4th of July: July 2 - July 6
  • Labor Day: August 30 - September 5
  • Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples' Day: October 5 - October 10
  • Thanksgiving: November 18 - November 27
  • Christmas and New Years: December 20 - January 3

Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet appointments are FREE and a good way to assess your pet’s temperament to insure an adequate match. They are offered to all new clients but are REQUIRED for all dogs who plan to board in my home.

Pick up/Drop off

Pick-up and drop-off for boarding reservations are by appointment only and must be confirmed at least 24 hours prior to arrival. Evening pick-ups must be before 8pm. If pick-up cannot be arranged before 8pm, you will be charged for an additional night of boarding.

Reservation Deposit

In order to confirm your reservation a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking. Full payment of the total due is required by the first day of your service or at the time of drop-off (for boarding clients).

Proof of Health

All dogs boarding with me in my home must have current vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza. We strongly encourage Bordetella.

Regular, monthly Flea Control and Dewormer are also required. Owners will be asked to provide accurate and up to date vaccine history for all pets to be kept on file.

Spayed/Neutered Animals Only

All dogs boarding with me in my home must be spayed or neutered. Exceptions will be made for puppies 12 months and younger who have not gone into their first heat cycle. Females in heat and intact males over 1 year of age will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Aggression/Separation Anxiety

For the safety of our clients, their pets and myself, I ask that if your pet has any history of aggression or separation anxiety that it be noted in their records and discussed in detail prior to any services. Should your pet be deemed a danger to itself or anyone else involved in its care, I reserve the right to cancel services as necessary.